• Hack Recovery
    Fast response times
    and personal service.

    Call 1300 228 100 (in Australia) and we will personally use every technique at our disposal to clean up your site and any resultant blacklist and SEO issues. We'll remove all backdoors and lock the hackers out.

    If you feel like this stock photo guy, call us. We can help.

    Stress of being hacked
  • Hack Prevention
    Stay one step ahead.

    It sucks when your website has been hacked. It's stressful, it costs time, money and looks amateurish, not to mention your potentially trashed Google rankings and blacklisting. Stay ahead of the game by putting preventative measures in place.

    Note: Placing a lock on your keyboard will not actually stop hackers.

    Placing a lock on your keyboard won't actually work.
  • Lock the doors on
    on Brute Force Attacks

    Brute Force attacks means exactly that - repeated attempts to log into your site. We will throttle and monitor failed login attempts. Repeated offenders will be added to an already extensive blacklist.

    This is the most effective hack prevention.

    Brute force wordpress hacking
  • Blacklist Removal
    Save your rankings.

    A hacked site is seen as a potential danger to its visitors. It may contain malware or phishing software or possibly relaying spam. If it is reported or picked up in a scanner, it may be added to a blacklist. This is a nightmare for your search traffic and rankings.

    These can be difficult to get off, but we know a few tricks.

    Not this kink of blacklist
  • Malware Removal
    It's virtual pest control.

    Hacking a site can give control over it. It can be used to host malware, phishing or spamming software. Malware is often well hidden and requires a trained eye and specialised scanning software to find it.

    We'll clean up your hacked site so you can get on with doing business.

    Chrome malware warning. You don't want one of these.
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    Fast Recovery

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    Hack Prevention

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    Brute Force Blocking

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    Blacklist Removal

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    Malware removal

Recover Your Hacked Website Fast
with The Hack Rescue Team!
Call 1300 228 100

We specialise in helping businesses and individuals to regain control of their websites after an attack. If your site has been compromised, call us right now, say, "my website has been hacked" and we will swing into action immediately.

In addition to regaining full control of your hacked website, we will take steps to repair any damage that may have been sustained.

If your site has been blacklisted as a result of malware, our specialist team can clear your name and help avoid lost sales from nasty 'untrusted site' notices. Our clean-up service can help you to avoid SEO / Google ranking issues in the future.

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    24/7 Monitoring

    Our software watches your site CONSTANTLY. It monitors repeated failed logins and blocks them, it records files that are uploaded and content changed. It removes malware before you even know there was a compromise.
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    Hack Repair

    If you are unfortunate enough to be hacked, call us on 1300 228 100 and we'll clean it up. We'll restore the hacked files and content, remove additional files and backdoors and harden your site so it doesn't happen again.
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    Google Cleanup

    Hacking can destroy your hard earned Google rankings. Our blacklist removal and dirty SEO cleanup service will set things right between you and Google and you can continue on your quest for world domination.

icon Website Hardening and Monitoring

Common CMS's like Wordpress and Joomla are popular hacking targets. They are often poorly maintained, will simple passwords and sub-standard hosting. Regular upgrades to your CMS, plugins and passwords along with decent hosting and hardening common weak spots can save you the embarrassment and cost of being hacked.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Malware removal
  • Blacklist cleanup
  • Dirty SEO repair
  • Fixed price
  • Peace of mind
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