Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how much damage is done, your CMS of choice and how tidy your server is. That is, if we need to scan through mountains of archived files, development sites, unused plugins and themes, it can take much longer. Usually the same day, but sometimes it can take upto a week to remove all malware. The site will usually be live within 24 hours.

  • We will restore your site back to the most recent backup (which is why you need to backup regularly)
  • Scan your site logs to find the point(s) of entry
  • Remove all malware to ensure the site is not re-hacked
  • Change all passwords to admin, FTP, cPanel and the database
  • Remove unused themes
  • Remove unused plugins
  • And, we may need to replace known vulnerable plugins with better ones, but this will be approached separately.

To start any hack rescue, we need a few things from you. Without them we can't do anything. So track down:

  1. The FTP or SFTP access details for your website
  2. CPanel or Hosting Control Panel access (this is usually the same as your FTP details)
  3. The 'administrator' name and password for your CMS. I.e. Wordpress admin or Joomla! admin accounts

We may need further details after we get started, depending what we find.

Once we tighten your security, you'll be in a better place, but your site will need regular attention to monitor attacks and keep it up to date. We have 3 plans available to suit your needs.

We can only assume that it's extremely cold and they can't afford heating. No doubt there is a geeky 0-Day t-shirt underneath that no-one understands, implying that they are smarter than you. Not smart enough to do something constructive, however.