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1. Emergency Website Hack Repair - $150+GST

All hacks are different, so just like a panel beater, we need to assess the damage before we know what's involved in fixing it. We'll quickly know which files are hacked and to what extent the site has been compromised. Our initial emergency hack repair service covers the following tasks:

  1. We backup the existing live website files (just in case we need to restore something later)
  2. We perform an initial visual investigation of the files via FTP to see the extent of the damage.
  3. We clean the initial hack to get the site back up and running. This may not remove all the malware, but should recover the site.
  4. We run a 3rd party server-side scan to inspect every file on your website for suspicious code or backdoor nasties. The results of this scan take 12-24 hours to return results.

Based on the results of the scan and our findings, we may need to quote additional hours to clean and harden your site.

Initial investigation and recovery AUD$150+GST

2. Highly Recommended Site Hardening - $330+GST

Cleaning a site is just the first step. Once hackers have gained access to your site, they will be back for more (usually within the week!). So we HIGHLY RECOMMEND hardening the security. This closes the backdoors and other entry points they may have left.

  1. We upgrade your CMS version to the latest (after making another backup)
  2. We upgrade all plugins. NOTE: some plugins may have to be replaced if they are known security weaknesses.
  3. We remove all unnecessary files i.e. Unused themes, plugins and files on the server.
  4. We install and properly configure a combination of security plugins that will give you the best protection against future attacks
  5. We address possible username and password issues to reduce brute force attacks
  6. We make further recommendations that can enhance your website presence and make it more secure.

Security Hardening and Lock Down AUD$330+GST

3. Monthly Monitoring and Security Plans - from $65/month

Website hacks are rife, but there are ways to reduce your exposure. Maintaining your businesses visibility and professional profile is critical. This service provides 4 key benefits:

  1. It keeps your website up-to-date with the latest plugin and core system updates.
  2. We scan your site every 6 hours and know about incursions or threats FIRST and can often fix them before it is noticed.
  3. We maintain the latest security measures on a monthly basis.
  4. Hack repair is FREE on our watch

FREE Recovery
24/7 Monitoring and notifications
Monthly CMS and core system updates (if available)
Monthly plugin updates (if available)
24/7 website files scanning
Install Added security hardening

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