Hardening Your Website with CloudFlare

May 2019

Cloudflare is like a guard dog outside your gate. It will block attacks before they even get to your site. Find out how to use it to deliver a faster, more secure website.

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Costs of Getting Hacked

June 2018

Running any business with an online presence means navigating security requirements, protecting your online assets and your customers’ details.

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Google Cracks Down

30 Days in the Sin Bin

November 2016

Google implements a new policy to deter website hacking. If Google finds malware on your site more than once, the site will be blocked for 30 days with no appeals. Harsh, but true.

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Cyber Security and MafiaBoy

How MafiaBoy changed how we think about web security

August 2016

Websites of any size are a target. Hacking small sites provides a hacker more server power to hack large sites. MafiaBoy, a 15-year-old showed us how easy it is in 2000. He changed the game forever.

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The Panama Papers

A lesson in web security

April 2016

Earlier this month Mossack Fonseca, a Panama based law firm was allegedly hacked in one of the largest security breaches ever. An enormous 2.6 terabytes of documents were leaked, revealing the financial secrets of the world's billionaires and politicians. These are The Panama Papers.

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Hacking is Child's Play

If you own a website, this will scare the pants off you.

April 2016

The most common way to hack a website is to guess the password. It is usually done using a technique called a brute-force attack. Hackers use software to iterate through password combinations and try them on your site.

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